Photon Soul

Photon soul is the web based Astro-physics information solution.

Our work

Logo Design

Web development

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About project

Photon soul aims to provide authentic and exiciting informations about physics and astro-physics, Started by   lecturer of Tribhuvan University of Nepal. It’s goal is to provide research informations as well as academic study materials for students. The main goal of the website is to provide an online portal that is easily accessible and easy to read and grasp knowledge.

The challenge

Photon soul faced challenges familiar to many informational websites. Problems of SEO friendly and mobile responsiveness of the site were some big challenges faced by photon soul, Not only that giving its user authentic feel of reading book from website  was another big deal. 

After finding such challenges,  the soul photon  team started searching for developers but they couldn’t find reliable development team they can trust. Some we charging higher than needed and weren’t providing the service they needed.

"Enspire Tech understood our problem and delivered the result,we are glad we chose the right team for our project."
Poshan Belbase
Founder of Photon Soul

The solution

Photon soul and Enspire tech started planning and implementing the work, at first we team of enspire tech gathered all the requirements of photon soul and then started designing the prototype, after that we took feedback from the photon soul team and tested to few pre acquired users of photon soul afther that implemented the work & deployed.

We Delivered

  • Responsive website.
  • Seo Friendly website.
  • Profesional logo
  • Solution of Book like reading experience for notes.
  • Increase in loading speed
  • Clean & minimal design.

Technologies Used